Complete Payroll Services
Payroll Processing plus Tax and 
Reporting Services for One Price

Complete Payroll Processing
- Checks and Vouchers
- Electronic Check Signature
- Flexible Data Input Methods 
  (Phone, Fax & Internet)
- Time Clock Data Import

Complete Tax Services
- Federal (941, 940) Deposits & Returns
- State and SUI Deposits & Returns
- Quarterly Tax Deposit Statements

Complete Reporting Services
- Payroll Register
- General Ledger Posting
- Paid Time Off Accruals
- 401(k) reporting- Master List
- Workers Compensation
- New Hire Reporting
- EEOC reporting
- Electronic Formats (Excel & PDF)

Additional Services
- Direct Deposit
- Employee Debit Card
- Check Stuffing
- Premium Only Plans (Sec. 125)
- W-3 Transmittal
- W-2s- 1099s

Consulting Services
Do you have a complicated General Ledger system with unusual Journal Entry requirements and need a customized posting file?

Do you have complex labor allocation needs or want to fully allocate costs, including overhead using best practices?

Do you need a Time Clock system?
Do you already have a system that works for you but you need to integrate its input into payroll?

We offer consulting services that solve these and other problems.






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